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Super-Module 4: Imaging

Super-Module Purpose:

This module consists of ten submodules pertaining to imaging tasks.

Super-Module Keywords:

Project management, planning


Module 4A: Pinned 2D photo-stacked specimen imaging

Module 4B: Pinned 3D specimen imaging

Module 4C: Enveloped or “Flat” Imaging

Module 4D: Frozen/Tissue imaging

Module 4E: Slide photo-stacked hi-res imaging

Module 4F: Slide Label/Low-res Imaging

Module 4G: Wet Photo-stacked Hi-res Imaging

Module 4H: Dry Bulk Low-res Imaging

Module 4I: Wet Soup Low-res Imaging

Module 4J: Image Processing

Module 4K: Pinned 2D non-stacked specimen imaging

Module 4L: Vial Low-res imaging

Super-Module Deliverables and Data Generated


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