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Module overview

Modules are currently being updated. The following map shows how the modules relate to each other and might fit into a collection-specific set of workflows.

Map of digitization modules

2020 Modules

BugFlow is broken into 5 super-modules which are linked below. Each super-module is broken down into constituent submodules that focus on specific tasks related to digitizing particular types of objects contained in entomological collections.

Super-Module 1

Module 1 - Pre-digitization Curation (Staging)

Super-Module 2

Module 2 - Project Management

Super-Module 3

Module 3 - Label Data

Super-Module 4

Module 4 - Imaging

Super-Module 5

Module 5 - Value-added

Module Template

The template is available here and is available to reate new modules within the workflow. The template is written in markdown language, one exemplar guide can be found here

Module List

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