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Module 5C: Linkage of specimen records to associated Genetic Data

Module Purpose:

This module covers linking molecular data with the digital occurrence record for the specimen they were derived from.

Module Keywords:

DNA, extended specimen, interoperability, data capture

TaskID Task Name Explanations and Comments Resources
T1 Identify genetic data to link Gather sequence data as text or files locally or generate a list of relevant externaly hosted genetic data and the occurrence records for the sample they are derived from within your collection management system  
T2 Import/upload local genetic data Upload sequence data or files to online repository or to your collection management system. [http://boldsystems.org/] [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genbank/] [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sra]
T3 Link external data repositories to specimen occurrence record Using the catalog number and an occurrence GUID or persistent URL, annotate the data upload to be referenceable to the record of the specimen in your collection management system.  
T4 Link specimen occurrence record to external data repositories Add link to persistent URL or GUID and record ID for the genetic data housed in the external repositories.  
T5 Augment specimen record with genetic preparation metadata Add metadata about the tissue used, type of genetic extraction, etc. These data can be structured according to the Darwin Core extension produced by GGBN (Global Genome Biodiversity Network) Droege et al. 2016 GGBN Data Standard, GGBN Data Standard on TDWG, GGBN Extensions on GBIF

Essential Training:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module

Module Metrics, Costing, and Reporting:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Outreach Opportunities:

List outreach opportunities that arise in workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Exemplar Workflows:

List of examplar workflows organized by database type.


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