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Module 2F: Workflow Metadata

Module Purpose:

This module is designed to gather and make available metadata for the digitization workflows designed and utilized by a collection.

Module Keywords:

authorship, attribution, reusability

TaskID Task Name Explanations and Comments Resources
T1 Identify workflow(s) to annotate Find the relevant workflows, modules, or subsets of those that need metadata augmentation.  
T2 Identify desired metadata components Workflows should have some basic associated metadata such as author(s), version, date updated, etc. Consider what other metadata are important such as funding sources, keywords, costs, etc that might be useful for yourself or future adopters of the workflow.  
T3 Define controlled terms Make a controled list of terms and data to capture about your workflows to be consistent across them all.  
T4 Incorporate metadata and make them findable Fill out the standardized metadata for your workflow(s). Make sure the metadata are easily discoverable, either on the top of static PDFs and word documents, or appropriately linked to online resources.  

Essential Training:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module

Module Metrics, Costing, and Reporting:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Outreach Opportunities:

List outreach opportunities that arise in workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Exemplar Workflows:

List of examplar workflows organized by database type.


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