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Module 2E: Disseminating Data

Module Purpose:

This module relates to disseminating and publishing your collection’s data to external platforms and user communities.

Module Keywords:

accessibility, aggregation, GBIF, iDigBio, interoperability, publication

TaskID Task Name Explanations and Comments Resources
T1 Identify data for dissemination. Identify which subset or sets of data are ready to be made available. Confirm internal standards of data quality and completeness See module 2B for quality control and Module 2C and Module 2D for data cleanup.
T2 Identify target dissemination outlets Depending on the roject and interests of the collection and community, find all appropriate outlets to submit data to. These may include formal data paper publications as well as biodiversity data aggregators. Consider publishing to GBIF and iDigBio for starters.
T3 Establish connection with publication outlet Review data standards and format requirements of the desired outlets and register your collection or dataset with them as needed.  
T4 Prepare data for delivery Prepare and format your data for intake into desired outlets. This will almost always be in the form of a Darwin Core Archive which likely can be exported from your collection management system or published through a linked Integrated publishing Toolkit (IPT) or similar data publication tool. If data are managed in a custom system, then a local export and formatting may be required for a manual data upload. IPT documentation
T5 Submit your data Upload your data or trigger an external data harvest from your IPT by the desired outlets.  
T6 Refresh your data regularly Identify time intervals or digitization milestones to update your published datasets with your desired outlets.  

Essential Training:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module

Module Metrics, Costing, and Reporting:

Define metrics that can be measured to assess success of workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Outreach Opportunities:

List outreach opportunities that arise in workflows using this module (reference specific TaskIDs).

Exemplar Workflows:

List of examplar workflows organized by database type.


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